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Consider an English Major

Do you love to read novels and poetry, but think you ought to do something more practical in college? Do you find satisfaction in creative writing, but know that you don't want to be a "starving artist"? You can still major or minor in English.

Those who have majored or minored in humanities studies such as English are increasingly valued in a wide variety of careers. The professional and business worlds have found that humanities majors are often better at solving problems and adapting to new directions than are their more narrowly educated, technically trained co-workers.

The writing and communication skills that are developed and enhanced by an English major or minor are valuable assets. Today, professionals in all fields need to know how to think critically and to speak and write clearly and effectively.

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Student Organizations

The English Association

The English Association is an organization directed by Edgewood students under faculty guidance whose stated goal is to support the arts of writing, reading, critical thinking, and teaching, both on campus and beyond. Formed in the autumn of 2012, the English Association organizes events for English majors and minors to socialize, get information on career and post-grad opportunities, and foster a sense of community between the student body, the English Department faculty, as well as the greater Edgewood community.

If you are interested in becoming a part of one of youngest and most exciting on-campus groups, contact Lauren Lacey.

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