Student / Alumni Honors

2014 Writing Contest Winners

Note: The first-prize and second-prize fiction entries appear in the new volume of Edgewood Review, now distributed around campus.

First Prize In Poetry

Michelle Vidovic "Print Out More than One Copy of Your Life"

Second Prize In Poetry

Rebecca Young "My Barcode"

Third Prize In Poetry

Andrew Schneider "Forest Fires on Orchard Road"

Third Prize In Poetry

Angela Thomas "My Constant Wonder Is No Longer My Fear"

First Prize In Fiction

Zach Barthel "Little, Hopeless Ventures"

Second Prize In Fiction

Josh Barnard "The Surrogate"

First Prize Essay

Evan Verser "A Wound of Doubt"

Second Prize Essay

Andrew Shuck "Patient File"

Third Prize Essay

Deanna Vedvik "What Feeds Our Food?"  

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges

Three majors were honored with recognition in "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges":

  • Zach Barthel
  • Kelsey Gratz
  • Emily Pokorny

Dominican Scholar Award

Emily Pokorny has been selected for Edgewood's Dominican Scholar Award.

Conference Presentations

Luke Pralle, a recent graduate with a major in English, and Evan Verser, a current English major, will present papers at the Science Fiction Research Association conference in Madison on May 22–25.

Panel Title:  Margaret Atwood’s Feminist Speculations

  • Paper 1: Lauren J Lacey, Ph.D., “Positron: Margaret Atwood’s Latest Speculations on Biopower”
  • Paper 2: Luke Pralle, “Hall of Mirrors: Identity and Symbolism in The Handmaid’s Tale”
  • Paper 3: Evan Verser, "Deciphering Myth in Atwood's MaddAddam Trilogy"